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As part of the Affordable Health Care law, you may receive this tax season that provide you information about the health coverage you had or were offered in 2015.

You may receive one or more of the following forms:

Form 1095-A “Health Insurance Marketplace Statement”
The Health Insurance Marketplace sends this form to individuals who enrolled in coverage in the Marketplace with information about the coverage, who was offered and when.

Form 1095-B “Health Coverage”
Health insurance providers send this form to individuals with information on individuals they cover, who was covered and when.

Form 1095-C “Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage”
Some employers will send this form to certain employees with information about what coverage the employer offered. Employers that offer health coverage referred to as ‘self-insured coverage” send this form to individuals they cover with information about who was covered and when.

If you are expecting to receive Form 1095-A, you should wait till receiving that form before filing your 2015 income tax return. However, it’s not necessary to wait for Forms 1095-B and 1095-C before filing your return.

For more information about the which form you may be receiving and it’s purpose, just ask your professional preparer at Associated Tax. You can also read more about these health coverage forms on the official IRS website under Questions and Answers Bout Health Care Information Forms for Individuals

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